Uber for Plumbers

The on demand solution to all your pipes!

Regardless of whether it is residential or commercial, the need for a plumber can arrive at any time. This is where your easy to use, quick and hassle free on demand plumber app will help your customers. Give your customers a happy flow by keeping their pipes in order with the help of your app as you make lots of money!

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100% Protected Script

Plumber on demand app are relatively new in the market. However, after a lot of research and analysis, we have been able to successfully mould this Uber for plumbers' app such that it is based entirely upon the structures and bare bones of our tried and tested taxi apps. We can absolutely assure you that these apps are a 100% secure because it has already been used by a lot of users.

We have ensured that when you invest in this app, you get a fully responsive app which can work perfectly on mobiles as well as tablets or PCs. In addition to that it will also work well on iOS or Android.

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Experience Uber for Plumbers in Action - Be Amazed!

  • The uberization of the on-demand service industry has made it easier for humans to receive services comfortably. Services like plumbing, that one could not have thought of could have an app has Uber for Plumbers to assist the plumbers and the customers both.
  • The user enters the application and adds their location to get connected to the nearest plumber.
  • The user selects the service or a range of services that they require from the plumber.
  • Upon selecting the service or a range of services from the plumber, the user books the services and makes the payment and gets notified that the request has been sent to the plumber and when they accept the request, they would be notified.
  • The request gets sent to the plumber as soon as they set their availability online and accept the request with the details of the user and the area where they need to deliver the services. As soon as they accept the request, the customer gets notified that the plumber has accepted the job request and shall be arriving shortly.
  • Now, both the user and the plumber through real-time tracking track the location of each other and as soon as the plumber arrives, they tap on ‘Arrived at Job Location’ to notify the user of their arrival.
  • The plumber taps on ‘Start Job’ to notify the app that they have started the services and both, user and plumber can track the job progress.
  • Upon completing the job, the plumber taps on ‘Job Completed’ to notify the app of the job completion and the user, too, at the same time.
  • An invoice summary now gets generated on the screen of the plumber that gets shared with the user too and the plumber is paid for the services provided by them.
  • In the end, both, plumber and user give feedback and rate each other based on the experience of services.

A complete installation, not just a pipe app!

Plumbing is a complicated service and we are set on making it a user friendly and unique experience for your users. To help you grow your business quickly and effortlessly, we offer not just the app but a whole gamut of other services. We give you the app itself, the web panel and the user panel to mange, control and use the app efficiently.

The most important features have already been uploaded in the app; however, since you own it, we will be happy to add a dash of your personality to it as well. If you have any new tweak that you think might help your business even better, feel free to share with us. We will load it up in the existing app. Invest in it now and turn the faucets to help the money flow right into your vaults!

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4 Steps to Your Product
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps

Stand-Out Features of the Uber for Plumbers

  • Book Now or Schedule for Later Book Now or Schedule for Later

    With the aid of this feature, your users can book the services from the plumber either for the same day or have it scheduled for a later date.

  • Manage Services Manage Services

    With the assistance of this feature, your plumbers, the engine of your plumbing industry, can update the services that are being currently provided by them.

  • God’s Eye View God’s Eye View

    With the assistance of this feature, you as the owner of this magnanimous solution can view the users who are in need of the plumbing services in live mode.

  • Manage Gallery Manage Gallery

    With the help of this feature, your plumbers can update the photos related to the services that have been done by them in the past.

  • Statistics Statistics

    With the help of this feature, your plumbers can keep track of the earnings made by them in a statistical or graphical format.

  • Track Job Progress Track Job Progress

    Through the aid of this feature, your plumbers, as well as your users, can track the progress of the plumbing services.

Web Panels Included

Plumbing in Style: Clean, Fresh, and State-of-the-Art!

If you ever thought that kick starting a business is a difficult thing to do, leave those thoughts behind. All you need to do here, is to buy the app from us and then rest assured that your money will keep coming into your account every time someone books a plumber for ANY service through your app. Jump on the success bandwagon and jump start your business dreams with the Uber for plumber on demand app.

Get everything that you will need to help in establishing your brand instantly. This is the launch pad that you have been looking for! Get up and grab this opportunity now!

Pipe up a FREE demo from us by calling NOW!

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Uber for Plumber Pricing

Amazed with the uniqueness of the Uber for Plumbers that will help your plumbers and users provide and receive plumbing services and assist you in earning huge commissions along the way, then avail of this solution today and see yourself having a profitable on-demand service industry to assist your users in receiving plumbing services just through a few taps on their smart phone or iPhone device or a few clicks on the website. View our pricing page to choose the one that suits your requirements and see yourself building an empire that was unseen by others.

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