Uber for Plumbers

The on demand solution to all your pipes!

Regardless of whether it is residential or commercial, the need for a plumber can arrive at any time. This is where your easy to use, quick and hassle free on demand plumber app will help your customers. Give your customers a happy flow by keeping their pipes in order with the help of your app as you make lots of money!

uber for plumbing services
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100% Protected Script

Plumber on demand app are relatively new in the market. However, after a lot of research and analysis, we have been able to successfully mould this Uber for plumbers' app such that it is based entirely upon the structures and bare bones of our tried and tested taxi apps. We can absolutely assure you that these apps are a 100% secure because it has already been used by a lot of users.

We have ensured that when you invest in this app, you get a fully responsive app which can work perfectly on mobiles as well as tablets or PCs. In addition to that it will also work well on iOS or Android.

perfect script for plumber on demand app
plumber on demand app script

A super easy flow of the Uber for Plumber app helps all your customers!

  • Calling for a plumber couldn't get easier. Everyone requires a plumber at some point in life. Now your customers don't need to panic. First they must download the app and fill in their personal details.
  • After this, your customers will have to follow its easy step by step directions to fill in other required details regarding their address and other minor details. Along with this their bank credit card details will also be required for payment on completion of the task.
  • After the user has created his basic profile with the help of the instructions given, the user will be required to put in the exact nature of plumbing requirement. Each service will have a different rate for example the cost of an installation service will be different from the cost of repair.
  • This cost can either be set by the admin as a fixed price of which a fixed amount f commission is received by the admin on completion of service. Or, the service provider can choose his/her pricing and a percentage commission is predefined on this price.
  • Once the client selects the kind of service required, he will then put the date and time for which he needs this service. He will then be able to view all the service providers in his area willing to do his job. He can select whoever he thinks is best based on the service providers qualification, previous rankings and so on and so forth.
  • As the user selects his service provider, they receive an alert with all the necessary information regarding the job and the client. Since the time and date is pre fixed, the plumber will reach the clients address and deliver the services asked of him.
  • On completion of the job, the service provider will mark it as 'DONE'. This will now allow the app to generate a twofold invoice for both parties with the details of the job as well as the price for the same. The payment will be automatically debited from their account owing to the details already submitted.

A complete installation, not just a pipe app!

Plumbing is a complicated service and we are set on making it a user friendly and unique experience for your users. To help you grow your business quickly and effortlessly, we offer not just the app but a whole gamut of other services. We give you the app itself, the web panel and the user panel to mange, control and use the app efficiently.

The most important features have already been uploaded in the app; however, since you own it, we will be happy to add a dash of your personality to it as well. If you have any new tweak that you think might help your business even better, feel free to share with us. We will load it up in the existing app. Invest in it now and turn the faucets to help the money flow right into your vaults!

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Plumbers on demand app on demand plumbers iPhone app
4 Steps to Your Product
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps
core features of plumbing apps
Multicurrency/Multilanguage cash or pay by cash
Real Time Tracking System
Web Panels Included
Plumbing in style: A clean, fresh and state of the art business!

If you ever thought that kick starting a business is a difficult thing to do, leave those thoughts behind. All you need to do here, is to buy the app from us and then rest assured that your money will keep coming into your account every time someone books a plumber for ANY service through your app. Jump on the success bandwagon and jump start your business dreams with the Uber for plumber on demand app.

Get everything that you will need to help in establishing your brand instantly. This is the launch pad that you have been looking for! Get up and grab this opportunity now!

Pipe up a FREE demo from us by calling NOW!

On demand plumbing apps package
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  • plumber app short detail screen
  • plumber app send request screen
  • plumber app booking scheduling screen
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