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Uber for BabySitters
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On Demand Babysitting App
Uber for Nannies

User Guide: On-Demand Babysitter Service App

  • It is not easy for a parent to trust someone else to look after their child. With the babysitter on demand service app though finding a trustable and reliable babysitter for a child is just a few fingertips away. See the easy functioning of this app and get ready to get amazed.
  • Login to the babysitter on demand service app with your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ ID or simply create an account by entering your basic details like full name, mobile number and email address.
  • Enter the application menu and find a list of all the services offered on the app like daycare, mother’s helper and nanny.
  • Select the service/services that you require from the app and get a list of all the nearby babysitters along with their distance, rating and map view.
  • Select the babysitter of your choice and get a list of all the services offered by them along with their past reviews and gallery.
  • Choose the service/services that you require from the babysitter and tap on the ‘Checkout’ Tab and get redirected to the booking details containing the details of the service/services selected by you.
  • Choose the mode of payment – cash or card, add the location where you need the babysitting service and schedule the booking – for the same day or later day.
  • As soon as your booking gets recorded, the request gets sent to the babysitter as soon as they set their availability as online containing the details of the service/services selected by you, the mode of payment, location and date when service needs to be provided and thereby accept or decline the request as per their convenience and taps on ‘Confirm Job Request’.
  • As soon as babysitter accepts request, a message will be sent on your app, ‘Babysitter Has Accepted Request and Will Arrive Shortly’.
  • You can now remain connected with babysitter via internet calls and in-app messaging until the babysitter arrives.
  • As soon as babysitter arrives they arrive on ‘Arrived At Job Location’ and you receive a message on your app as ‘Babysitter Has Arrived’.
  • Babysitter taps on ‘Start Job’ to begin the service and you and the babysitter can track the progress of the babysitting service.
  • Babysitter taps on ‘Completed Job’ to confirm completion of service and you receive a message, ‘Babysitter Has Completed Job’.
  • An invoice summary gets generated on the screen of the babysitter which also gets shared with you containing the details of the service and the mode of payment.
  • Babysitter taps on ‘Collect Payment’ to collect the payment from you and with this process getting completed both you and the babysitter provide a review to each other and rate each other based on the nature of service or services.

Babysitter App: Ideal for Parents and You!

Children and working families go hand in hand in today’s day and age which makes it all the more important to have a babysitter and childminding and childcare app for your business. This app would empower and help you provide the unique facilities like no one else to parents!

Choose from the best of the best services that would enable you to become a giant in the world of babysitting and invest in the once in a lifetime chance of becoming a brand among parents. Get your own babysitter app like uber today and meet the ever growing demand for child care facilities along with offering parents the assurance that their little cherubs are in the best of hands and can have their own me-time!

Babysitter on demand app babysitter app like uber
4 steps to your products
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
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local currency And Language Feature Multi Currency
Real Time Tracking feature
Web panels included
BabySitters app Web panel's
The Child-Friendly Package - A Child Minding Website, A Professional Babysitter Panel, And The User-Friendly Client Panel - A Childminding Experience Like No Other - Uber for Babysitters

Our on demand babysitting app has been designed with a list of preset services. That does not mean that we cannot make your product unique with your personal idea of how you want your business to run. All you need to do is speak to our team and we will design your app exactly as per your specifications, giving you that ultimate business.

Help look after the children of the world by investing in this on demand babysitting app. In no time your little online creche will become a nursery - the returns from it are that rewarding. The little seed of your investment will grow into a beautiful tree bearing fruit, just like the little children you will help in looking after.

Perks of babysitters

Babysitting is a great skill for the children who are small or have just entered in the category of a teenager. Babysitters provide opportunities to prove themselves a responsible and capable of maybe the first important time in their lives. When a teen is asked to return to babysit again then it can be a great rise to her or his sense of self-worth. The teens who go for babysitting on a regular basis make better use of their time and also tend to be more organised.

Babysitters help the children in learning to set boundaries and limits, and also help them to make situational based decisions when the other children don't automatically follow these boundaries and limits. Children of babysitters start gaining independence at a point of time when they start feeling like they have little control at home. The children in the babysitters also learn some career-oriented skills like negotiating salary, expectations and hours.

Not every teen is interested in babysitting, but there are countless benefits of getting a babysitter. It also teaches our children invaluable lessons that will definitely help them at every step of their life.

Using the babysitter providers exposure to the child to meet and interact with the new people outside of the limited friend circle and family. In short, it increases the social interaction of the child.

Using the babysitter service provides a chance to you and your partner to revive the romance and love in your relationship which frequently decreases later after your child is born when all of your valuable time passes in changing the diapers and in taking proper care of your child.

Babysitter provides a comfortable and safe environment for your child and also let them continue with their work like sleep routines and eating.