Innovative Free Features of on-Demand Physiotherapy App

  • Real-time Tracking

    Users can easily live track the booked physiotherapist on the map and the accurate ETA.

  • Biometric Authentication Login

    The App lets users log into the application using Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning.

  • Licensed Source Code

    You, as the App owner, can use the licensed source code, modify it, and keep the Apps upgraded.

  • Multiple Online Payments

    The App integrates several online payment methods, like credit/debit cards and in-app wallets.

  • Annual App Upgrades

    You will get regular App updates every year, depending on the package you buy.

  • Quick App Launch

    Our experts will white-label and launch your application on iOS and Android App stores in just 1-2 weeks.

Best On-demand Physiotherapy App Script

We have developed the best on-demand App script package so that you can easily and quickly launch your application. We provide the best localization options so that you can start an online business in any region, be it in the US, the UAE, Southeast Asian countries, Africa, and so on. Take a look at all the components of our ultimate business package:

Perfect Script

On-demand Physiotherapy App - Screen Flow Visuals

Patient App
Physiotherapist App
  • User App
  • User Profile Setting
  • Service Category
  • Edit Cart and Checkout
  • Delivery Driver App
  • Select Your Vehicle
  • Delivery Driver Profile
  • Manage Vehicles

How Does Uber For Physiotherapy App Work?

  • Register/Login: Users have to create an account on the App with social media, email, or phone. If they already have an account, they can simply use Face ID/Fingerprint to log in.
  • Choose the Physiotherapy Service: The user can now choose the physiotherapy service they want, such as acupuncture, sports physiotherapy, electrotherapy, etc.
  • Find a Physiotherapist: After selecting a service, users can see a list of all the available physiotherapists in the area. They can also explore their profiles, reviews, and other services.
  • Book Now/later: After selecting the service provider, users need to choose whether to book the service right away or schedule it for a later date.
  • Live Location Tracking: Your users can easily track the physiotherapist's location on the map once they accept the service request and are on their way to the user’s location. Additionally, they can see the provider’s estimated arrival time.
  • Payment: After the physiotherapist marks the service as 'complete.' The system automatically deducts the amount from the user’s account if they choose to pay online.
  • Rate and Review: Users and service providers can share their ratings and reviews on the App based on their experience.

Why Choose a Ready-Made Uber for Physiotherapy App Solution?

Wondering why a ready-made App is better than building your dream from scratch? Choosing a pre-built solution will take away the technical headaches of building the App. Therefore, you can focus on other important tasks to build your on-demand physiotherapy booking business like marketing, growth plan development, revenue-earning strategies, etc. With our ready-made Uber for physiotherapy app, you can launch a branded and fully-fledged app in just 1-2 weeks. Imagine that you will be earning revenues and capturing the local market while your competitors are busy developing their apps or upgrading them. Moreover, a ready-made solution will save you a lot of money and time. Plus, the solution has been tested by several entrepreneurs in real markets around the globe. Plus, you don't need to worry about updating it annually. So, are you ready to try our advanced App and see how it works in real-time? Book your free Uber for a physiotherapy App demo now!

uber for healthcare

Launch your Own On Demand Physio Booking App!

Creating an App from scratch costs a lot, as it involves hiring expenses, marketing, testing, and other ongoing costs as well. But investing in a ready-made App is way more affordable! You can get a top-notch, advanced, and tested App without bugs by investing only a few thousand dollars instead of splurging billions on just developing the App. Check out our pricing page to find out more about the cost of white-labeling and launching your on-demand physiotherapy App.

Pharmacy Delivery App Pricing Package
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Physiotharaphys Web Panel's
Innovative Admin Panel and Website

We have got all your 'techy' needs covered for launching a robust on-demand physiotherapy service App for your business. With the purchase of your pre-built App package, you not only get a perfect script for launching your website but also an advanced admin panel. The website incorporates several features, such as easy login, profile management, details of booking history, and so on.

And that's not all – our robust admin panel is the key to helping you control all your business tasks. You can easily control all the business activities from a single dashboard. Additionally, you can manage ads, set commissions, manually book the services, access earning reports, etc. Check out our website and admin panel flowcharts to see how they work so seamlessly.

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