JustEat Clone: Order Food on Your Terms!

It’s time to go beyond the conventional. With food delivery app, start making money right from the first order!

Our native Just Eat clone app will give you the power to let people order their choicest meals instantly with their smartphones.

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JustEat Clone

How JustEat Clone App Works

Food delivery app flow

Dive into Our JustEat Clone App Features

  • Web and Mobiles Apps
  • Pickup or Take Away
  • contactless delivery
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Sigle store delivery
  • Multiple store delivery
  • Live Tracking

White Label Restaurant Delivery App

What is an app if not white labeled? Restaurant app development company has developed the Just Eat clone script for you! And we white-label it for you for FREE! We care about your business and want to make sure that we can prepare a product for you that become the reason for your success.

Our aim is to take technology in its present form and mold it into something unique, efficient and useful for you. Our team is ready to take on the new challenges to be 100% ready for the present market. Our solutions promise to do the same.

White label restaurant delivery app

Path to Success with Just Eat Clone

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  • We white label it for you We White Label It for You
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  • We launch it for you We Launch It for You
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  • kick start your business You Kick Start Your Business
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real time tracking

Real Time Tracking

Now your users will know exactly where their food has reached! The Just Eat clone script app real-time tracking makes it absolutely seamless to ensure that the restaurant and the user can get an idea of where the order is. The admin of the site too can know exactly how many vehicles are on ground and where are they all headed.

The real time tracking is the most essential feature in an on demand delivery kind of business model because it takes the suspense out of the equation. When people know where their meal is and how far it is, it is absolutely convenient for them to plan the rest of the day.

We have ensured that our application completely takes away the suspense and guesswork in order placement. Now, your customers dont have to call the delivery driver again and again to find out where they are! They can instantly track their location real time with the application.

User App Features

  • Use Social Media to log in
    Use Social Media to log in

    The user can sign up or register into the app using social media like Facebook. No more hassles of going through form filling!

  • Added Instructions
    Added Instructions

    Your customers don’t like it too spicy or too sour? Well, give them the option of giving special instructions to the restaurant so that the food is exactly how they want it!

  • Multiple Cuisine
    Multiple Cuisine

    Let your customers select where they want to order from based on their favorite cuisines like Thai, Chinese, and Indian etc.

  • Connect with the Driver
    Connect with the Driver

    The user can connect with the driver/support executive easily.

Driver App Features

  • Driver Status
    Driver Status

    he Driver can go online or offline so that they can receive orders only when they want to.

  • In App Navigation
    In App Navigation

    The driver can get navigation details and clear directions for easy travel to pick up and drop location.

  • Delivery Driver Income Report
    Delivery Driver Income Report

    The driver can view what kind of income he has made over through the app with the help of easy reports.

  • Job History
    Job History

    Food delivery Drivers can see their entire Job history and where all they have delivered food.

Restaurant App Features

  • Restaurant Status
    Restaurant Status

    The restaurant can go offline or online. If they are online, they will be able to receive orders. If they are offline the app will indicate such to the User.

  • Order Status
    Order Status

    The restaurant owners can view and update the order status as

    • New orders
    • Confirmed orders
    • Order picked up
    • Delivered orders
    • Cancelled orders
    • Denied orders
  • Offers
    Offer Offers

    The restaurant can always bring in new promotional offers to increase traffic of online orders.

Admin Panel

100% responsive design

Just Eat clone script is for the masses. We believe that for your business to be successful, you would want more and more people to be able to access your app. This is why we have built the entire food delivery system in the most responsive way. We have ensure that the User app, the food delivery driver app, the Restaurant App and the Admin panel. Apart from this all the web panels of Food delivery driver, the Customer and the Restaurant are also responsive. But most importantly, even the website is absolutely responsive.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a JustEat Clone?

The cost of developing your very own Just Eat Clone can vary depending on various factors, such as the features you want, complexity, platforms, and more. We can provide tailored price quotes based on your unique app requirements. So, reach out to us today and let us transform your idea into a real food delivery app!

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Technologies Used

We use only state of the art technology to ensure that you can get the best results. These are some of the latest technologies that power our Just Eat clone script for your business!

  • ios
  • java
  • php
  • bootstrap
  • swift
  • android
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster