Beware Of Fake Alternative To V3Cube

The recent boom of on-demand applications has made industry leaders try different ventures to kick-start their prospects into the super app ecosystem that was started by Gojek in 2015.

By 2027, more than 50% of the global population will be using super apps daily. Hence the “Gojek Clone Script” searches are reigning in Google with some of them eyeing "Uber Clone Script" and "Grab Clone Script". Over the past 13 years, V3Cube has developed countless applications starting with a core service, and eventually building into a large user base. In the case of alternative to V3Cube, there is none. Well, there are software development companies but none of them has the experience of handing multiple clone based projects as V3Cube.

Super app like KingX Pro which is currently the best Gojek clone in the market is made by V3Cube itself. It is the king of the on-demand service industry as it caters to 100+ services all within a composable business ecosystem. Let's discuss the presence of an alternative to V3Cube along with some examples.

How V3Cube Stands Unique In The Crowded Market?

There is a tough competition out there. Too many companies claim that they have built the best Gojek clone app or Uber clone app. But in reality, they offer similar solutions to different business requirements. Every application made by V3Cube whether a clone of Uber, Gojek, or Grab is loaded with cutting-edge features which is even better than the original one.

White Label On-Demand Software Development Company

Having access to everything obtained on-demand is a new way for instant gratification at minimum commitment. Startups with fewer resources attract the most service providers and customers in various verticals through a single app.

At V3Cube, user satisfaction has always been at the forefront of the app development process. This is rare among many. Since most companies allow only bug error or maintenance support, V3Cube covers the launch as well as branding. The "test before invest" motto is at the core of their operations.

Before launch, you will also get the integration of local language and currency alongside your logo and brand name.

Buy According To Your Business Requirements

Seeing the workflow of the app and checking all the functionalities as well as testing a real on-demand service offers more clarity than usual. Place the order of the desired app that you want to clone with the help of V3Cube only after a week of testing. For example, KingX Pro is an amalgam of 100+ apps, all managed with a single ID to sign in to many different services.

One Script - Multiple Gifts

The market for multi-service online platforms is thriving. A clone app appeals the same way as a reputed brand. A one-stop multi-service app solution provided by V3Cube leaves no stone unturned before the final submission.

Other alternatives to V3Cube cram up so many features with little to no approach to a smart design that the overall product looks ancient. A complete screw-up is inevitable when dealing with a massive clone application. Whereas, the reliable V3Cube software developers commit till the end until the new app is fully in line with all the other apps and features.

Actually Improving The Customer Experience

Switching to a single service all because of a bad experience is not a new thing in the software design market. There is always a time that comes after a long turmoil of slow uninteresting design taking over the features, ultimately resulting in uninstalling the app. People often do this because they don't want to use the additional services.

Many app developers fall short, in the long run, of tackling this on a global level which is the forte of V3Cube. With the help of a super app tailored to your audience, V3Cube launches your clone app in just 4-5 business days on iOS or Play Store.

Receive Real-time Bids from Handymen

Whether it's booking a video consultation with any professional e.g. Doctor, Lawyer, Therapist, Plumber, Electrician, etc., or buying, selling, and renting cars, bikes, and real estate - price plays an important role in the success of the companies that provides all this in one giant app.

You, being the clone app owner will instantly make a commission every time one uses the app to hire any kind of service. The bigger the cost of the service, the better your commission. With V3Cube, get anything delivered to your doorstep, book a Taxi, or rent a cab – it is much more comfortable than ever to pay for services whenever they’re needed.

Licensed Source Code

Meeting the app’s objective determines the flow of the app. The Gojek clone’s objective is to help the user to hire service providers of different kinds. However, this is not the case for emerging start-ups as they have only specific areas to cover.

For this, you should only buy clone app scripts from companies with at least 10 years of experience in this business niche. This way you can run different businesses and more with a powerful script – all customizable to your needs:

  • You can set preferences.
  • You can track partners when in service.
  • You can have live status sent to you.
  • You can expand your business to different countries.
  • You can integrate different currencies.

In short, with V3Cube, you can rule the on-demand mobility market and firmly stand your ground catering the people in your country with the local language and currency that most software development companies cannot provide.


Clearly, there an alternative to V3Cube sounds like a bad idea gone rouge. Instead, start your business with a reliable Gojek-like app for instant success. Attract a large customer base. Try a free demo on the biggest Gojek clone app till date – KingX Pro. King X Pro empowers the on-demand services, whether in-house or third-party ones, all gathered under one umbrella.