why CubeX2020

Why Uber App Clone 2021?

Some of our clients who we had the privilege to work with in the past asked us if it was possible to merge two to three of our already existent apps into one single solution so that they could successfully generate more revenues, as they realized that customers usually operate a solution that has all the attributes combined into one, rather than downloading multiple solutions for the same.

Also it is worth knowing that Uber recently merged Uber Eats (Food Delivery), Uber Moto, Uber Fly and Uber Delivery all into their single solution so as to never lose out on business. Thus, keeping in sync with the changing business needs, we bring to you the powerful Uber App Clone that shall take your Taxi Industry towards new heights of glory as well as profits.

major components of cubex2021
  • Taxi taxi – customer book rides
  • Food Delivery food delivery – customer place order
  • Grocery Delivery grocery delivery – ordering groceries from stores
  • Courier/Parcel Delivery send/receive couriers and parcels

Mini Gojek Clone 2021 Version New Features

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App
  • Restricting Driver’s Fraud Carpooling app video
  • Re-Assign Delivery Driver for Store Orders Re-Assign Delivery Driver video
  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings
  • One Store under several categories (i.e XYZ store can be under Food and Grocery also)
  • Free Delivery Promo Codes for Specific Stores Free Delivery Promo Codes
  • Location Wise Banners Location Wise Banners
  • Location Wise Push Notifications Location Wise Push Notifications
  • Cookie Consent Popup throughout the System
  • Using Firebase For Mobile Number Verification through the System
  • SKU Code For Store Delivery Items
  • Restricted Passengers Limit - Corona Related Feature Restricted passengers limit
  • Face Mask Verification - Corona Related Feature Face mask verification
  • Safety Checklist - Corona Related FeatureSafety checklist
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews - Corona Related Feature
  • Ride Cancellation - Corona Related Feature
  • Apply Toll Cost Manually - For Taxi Module
  • Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models - Fixed model and Incremental Model
  • Store Wise Commission - For DeliverAll Module
  • Day Wise Separate Timeslots - For DeliverAll Module
  • Item Name Searching - For DeliverAll Module
  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers
  • Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him
  • Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens
  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver
  • OTP Verification to Start the Task
  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification
our client from ghana
client experience
cubejek client

Major Services Offered

Services offered
    Major Services Offered through CUBEX2020

Out-Of-The-Box Attributes and Application Flow

With some of the most unique attributes and out-of-the-box services like taxi ride, moto rides, fly service, corporate/business rides and food and courier delivery, these services are surely a necessity for making the daily life of your customers more comfortable.
advanced uber clone app flow
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Our Package Includes

Once you purchase the Advance Taxi App package from us, you can be assured to be taking the first step towards a successful service industry. Here’s what you get in the package.
iOS Apps
iOS Apps
Android Apps
Android Apps
Web Panels
Web Panels

Our App Won the 1st Prize in Category of Best Startup App

Our client from Angola won the 1st Prize in the Biggest Startup Competition that was recently held there. The client had the white-labelled taxi app purchased from us and submitted the same in the Digital Startup Competition that was held there and placing due consideration to its advanced features, as well as its potential to make immense profits, were awarded the 1st Prize. The prize yet again proves our commitment to staying true to our work and the dedication with which we perform our tasks. We would also like to congratulate our Angolan partners on this great achievement!
* Above detail is posted with client's Approval.

gojek clone script

Launch Party of Our Taxi Client

Watch this video to meet our client for whom we developed the white-labelled taxi app solution. Hear him as he speaks about his experience of working with us and thanks us for the speedy delivery of the solution along with making a special mention of the strong work ethics of the Project Manager.

Talking about the client in detail, he wanted to launch his Taxi Business ASAP and thus we made sure to deliver him the solution following strict time deadlines and making sure we deliver nothing but the best.

View Hundreds of More Client Reviews
our client won startup prize

Interactive Application Flow

Transport yourself towards this interactive video to take a view of how the Uber Clone works and the way it shall promise to transform your on-demand service industry and take it towards exceptionally new heights altogether.


  • 2005Founded
  • 52+Employees
  • 2Apps Launched Everyday
  • 1200App Launched
  • 99%Repeat Clients
  • 100%Customer Satisfaction
  • 100+Countries
  • 60+Products
  • 100+Client Video Reviews
  • 100%Guarantee of Successful App launch
  • 100%Successful Products

Some of our Major Features

  • Free White Labelled Solution app white labeling
  • Free Licensed Source Code code based modification
  • 365 Days Free Bug Support perfect assistance
  • Free Language & Currency Integration 10 languages free
  • Free currency integration 10 currencies free
  • Free Localization fully dynamic
  • Free Installation perfect QA testing
  • LAUNCH OF WEBSITE manage admin panel
  • Unlimited Users, Drivers and Rides number of users and drivers
  • color theme app theme selection
  • Free Upgradation latest technology code
  • Free SMS gateway Integration Free SMS to your users
  • Support System help
  • ios store best designs for user attraction
  • payment gateway local payment gateway available
  • advanced marketing online marketing support
  • privacy non disclosure agreement
  • kiosk booking hotel booking via kiosk
CubeJekX 2020 App Flow
safety badge for store

Finances You Need to Build a Taxi App

First and foremost, you need to understand that if you plan to get a taxi app developed from scratch, the approximate cost for the same would be more than 200,000 USD approximately and would take you the time duration of over two years or even more, to say the least. However, we at eSiteWorld have spent over a period of twelve months in developing, polishing as well as enhancing the solutions that we have made available for you on this page.

We implemented over a hundred different types of optimization iterations on our solution and normalizations on the DB, on a whole, so that the solution becomes optimized, matured as well as fast. You may be however thinking or may want to ask us how are we different from the rest? Well, the solution that we provide to you is polished, user-friendly, thoroughly tested, Built in with the latest state-of-the-art technology integrations and operated by over a hundred taxi companies, and you know, what is the icing on the cake? The solution comes with free upgrades and a unique sales support to help you whenever you need us.

app development cost

User App

The app of the user has all the desired components that would help them in receiving a unique ride experience, or a quick delivery of their food or courier. It is developed in a user-friendly manner keeping in mind that the users are non tech-savvy in nature so that they can operate it easily and you can earn great revenue along the way.

  • user app
  • user registration
  • user login
  • user booking (Taxi,Common delivery,Fly)
  • user booking (Taxi,Common delivery,Fly)
  • user booking option (Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Moto Ride)
  • user app menu
  • taxi booking
  • moto booking
  • bike taxi booking
  • delivery option
  • restaurant choice
  • Grocery store choice
  • rent aircraft booking
  • user requesting to driver
  • driver accept & arrived at location
  • driver trip completed notification
  • Enroute map
  • trip rating
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map

Driver App

The App of the Driver shall ensure that the taxi drivers receive both ride as well as delivery requests from the users and assist them in performing food and parcel deliveries in case they do not receive adequate ride requests without the need to download multiple apps for doing the same.

With some of the most unique attributes, the app of the driver shall assist them in delivering a smile to the users always!

  • driver app
  • driver app register
  • driver app login
  • driver gets online
  • driver app menu
  • driver accept or decline ride request
  • driver arrived
  • driver arrival confirmation notification
  • driver slide to begin trip
  • driver slide to end trip
  • driver collect payment

Restaurant App

A unique app for your restaurant owners, the solution will help them in managing the orders taken by them, accept them, dispatch them or even get the KOT printed just through a single touch through a Bluetooth Printer. Some new addons we shall add soon include auto-acceptance and auto-dispatch so that the restaurants can operate independently without supervision of any kind.

  • restaurant or store app
  • restaurant app registration
  • restaurant app login
  • new order list
  • order confirm or decline
  • restaurant assign to delivery driver
  • delivery driver confirmation
  • restaurant order statistics
  • restaurant bank details
  • restaurant menu items
  • restaurant details

Kiosk App

Our Package comes with an interactive Kiosk App which can be operated by the hotels on platforms like Android and iOS. The solution shall assist you in being a helping hand to the tourists by helping them in getting a ride booked for them without the need to enter too many details.

With this solution you shall make great strides in your hospitality industry and earning enormous profits along the way. Some of its unique attributes include being multi-lingual in nature so as to help the tourists operate the solution in their native language.

  • kiosk app
  • select destination
  • vehicle selection
  • book taxi
  • send request by kiosk

Website - Front End

We deliver an interactive website to you that you can operate for marketing purpose of your solution. The website is dynamic in nature, thus ensuring that your users can book a taxi, order parcel/courier delivery, food delivery as well as book moto services smoothly through the website. The website also empowers them to manage their profiles more effectively and more efficiently, as well as, take a glance through the reports and also track the orders as well as take a glance through all the orders that were made by them in the past. Along with helping your users, the website allows you to customize your solution independently. So, you can directly through the website itself add or set new pages like Information Pages, which may include, Terms & Conditions, Privacy, etc., so on and so forth.
  • web front panel home page
    attractive home page
  • Choose Your Language
    set language for app & website
  • Book a Taxi by panel
    ride booking with admin panel
  • Order Your Food by panel
    food delivery managed by admin panel
  • Get Things Delivered
    delivery service manageable by admin panel
  • Book A Moto
    moto service manageable by admin panel
  • Book An Aircraft
    Fly service manageable by admin panel
  • Sign Up to Earn
    information related to earning
  • Ride With Business Profile
    how business profile works
  • About Us
    about entire website
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
    website privacy policy
  • How It Works
    how website works
  • FAQ
    questions ans

Web Booking

Registered User can book different services like Taxi, Moto, Food delivery, Parcel delivery and Fly, directly through the website itself.
  • Login
    user login with email, number or social media
  • Register
    user register through email, number or social media
  • Taxi Booking
    book taxi via website
  • Choose Taxi Types
    send request to nearby drivers
  • Parcel Delivery
    choose vehicle type
  • user book fly thru website
    user book fly thru website
  • Fly Options
    user choose normal jet or business jet
  • Moto Booking
    book bike taxi via website
  • Choose Moto Types
    send request to moto driver
  • Ordering Food
    user provide current location
  • List Of Restaurants
    near by restaurant
  • Choose Food Items
    place food order
  • List Of Grocery Stores
    Grocery Stores
  • Choose Grocery Items
    Grocery Items

Manage Account

This feature helps the customer, service provider, the company as well as the organization, to manage and edit the information provided by them.
  • Login
  • Register
  • My profile
    My profile
  • My trips
    My trips
  • My orders
    My orders
  • My wallet
    My wallet
  • Driver profile
    Driver profile
  • My Taxi's
    My Taxi's
  • Driver Trips
    Driver Trips
  • Driver Earnings
    Driver Earnings
  • Driver wallet
    Driver wallet
  • Company Profile
    Company Profile
  • Food Categories
    Food Categories
  • Processing Orders
    Processing Orders
  • Store Orders
    Store Orders
  • Create Order
    Create Order
  • Restaurant Settings
    Restaurant Settings
  • Organization Profile
    Organization Profile
  • Organization Users
    Organization Users
  • Organization User Trips
    Organization User Trips
  • Organization Trip Report
    Organization Trip Report

Interactive Admin Panel

The most powerful part of your solution that shall assist you in managing the entire system smoothly like the activities as well as the profiles of your users, drivers, the history of the trips, the deliveries, manage and keep track of the earnings and settings, etc.
  • Dashboard
  • Site Statistics
    Site Statistics
  • Admin Groups Management
    Admin Groups Management
  • Companies Management
    Companies Management
  • Manage Drivers
    Manage Drivers
  • Manage Rental Packages
    Manage Rental Packages
  • Manage Fly Stations
    Manage Fly Stations
  • Manage Fly Vehicle Types
    Manage Fly Vehicle Types
  • Manage Fly Fare
    Manage Fly Fare
  • Users Management
    Users Management
  • Manual booking
    Manual booking
  • Ride/Job Later Bookings
    Ride/Job Later Bookings
  • Manage Trips
    Manage Trips
  • Manage Restaurants
    Manage Restaurants
  • Order Food Manually
    Order Food Manually
  • User Wallet Report
    User Wallet Report
  • payment report
    payment report
  • geo fence locations
    geo fence locations
  • general settings
    general settings

The Unique Dispatcher Panel

Using this panel, you can manually have the taxi, moto or other services booked for the user on their behalf.
  • Manual Booking
    Manual Booking
  • Ride/Job Later Booking
    Ride/Job Later Booking

Stand-Out Billing Panel

Using this interactive panel, you can manage the list of all the bills in relation to the different services that were availed of from your solution by the customers.
  • Trips
  • Processing orders
    Processing orders
  • cancelled order
    cancelled order
  • All orders
    All orders
  • admin earning report
    admin earning report
  • payment report
    payment report

Get the Demo

Amazed already? Want to see yourself having a successful Taxi industry, contact us so that we can provide you with a live demo of our magnanimous Advance Taxi solution to see how it shall work in real-time and be amazed along the way!

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Unique Algorithms that We Use

Unique Algorithms that We Use

There are three algorithms that we usually use when we allot the rides to the respective drivers. From all the three, you can select the one that you want directly from the Admin Panel and manage the app.


There are three unique ways by which the request for the ride can be sent to the drivers. As soon as the rider places the request for the ride by providing the ride details, the details of the same get automatically sent to the driver.

  • Competitive Algorithm Competitive Algorithm
  • Nearest First Nearest First
  • FIFO fifo

Facts and Details

Listed below are some facts and details that you should know so that you can better understand how we stand out amongst others in terms of delivering Advanced Features, Facilities as well as Support.

on time payment
test apps before purchase
licensed source code
app delivery in 1 week
24/7 support
bug support
free upgrade

Attractive Pricing

Our Package comes with some of the most outstanding and unique features which are sure to take your business towards the pinnacle of success at the most market-friendly rates.
General features
Features and Pricing

Technology Used

Technologies Used
The CubeX2020 has been built utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the solution runs smoothly without any hindrance whatsoever thereby ensuring fast operations always.
  • swift
  • ios
  • java
  • android
  • php
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • bootstrap
  • linux
  • node
  • sc

Payment Gateways We Have

Given below are the different payment gateways we have in store for you. However, in case you have one different from the ones listed below, do let us know.

Commitment to Perfection Proven through Client Reviews

We believe in being honest to the work that we do which gets reflected through the client reviews that our clients have shared. Watch these videos to see how we make sure to deliver honest and genuine services always! view more reviews

Come and Visit Us – We Await Your Presence

The photographs that our clients take with us show the smile on their face that they project and prove testimony to the genuineness of the services that we deliver them. Have a look at these photographs and do visit us soon, we wish to serve you!

our client from kenya
our client from Thailand
our client hoang
our client from Malaysia
our client from Dubai
our client from Kazakhstan
our client from UK
our client from Thailand our client from north america
our client from Malaysia our client from Chile
our client from Dubai our client from Uganda
our client from Nigeria our client from Zambia
our client from Dubai our client from Thailand
our client from South Africa our client from South Africa
our client from Malaysia our client from Dubai
our client from Malaysia our client from Malaysia
our client from Katar
our client from Dubai
our client from Kazakhstan
our client from UK
our client from Malaysia
our client from Iran
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Our Team

An age-old saying goes that Rome was not built in a day. It is the same that applies for our solution as well. The solution was developed by a strong force of 16 Developers / Designers / Architects / DB Analyst/ System Analyst / QA and 2 Project Managers built this advnced Taxi Apps in just a matter of a year. Also, worth mentioning is the fact that the Design & Development Process also took place under one single roof by our full-time dedicated as well as hardworking team whom we are extremely proud of. Take a glance through our About Us page to meet and know our team more precisely who went the extra mile to make this System a reality.

Our team

Attract More Customers Choosing from the Colour Templates

It is said that a colour gains the first attention of a person. So, if you wish to gain your user’s attention, choose from the different colour templates the one that matches the colour of your business logo and see yourself gaining more attention for your solution from the customers.
  • YELLOW app theme YELLOW X1 YELLOW X1
  • BLUE app theme BLUE X3 BLUE X3
  • PURPLE app theme PURPLE X4 PURPLE X4
  • SEA BLUE app theme SEA BLUE X5 SEA BLUE X5
  • GREEN app theme GREEN X6 GREEN X6
  • BLACK app theme BLACK X7 BLACK X7
  • GOLD app theme GOLD X8 GOLD X8
  • VIOLET app theme VIOLET X10 VIOLET X10

Software Demo Videos

  • Introduction to Food Service
  • Manage Services and Rates
  • Referral Code
  • Services Arrangement in Landing Screen of User App
  • Geo Fence Location and Restricted Area
  • Manage Surge Charges
  • Manage Services and Rates
  • In App Calling VOIP based for Call Masking
  • Working of Kiosk Application
  • Placing Manual Food Order from Restaurant Web Panel
  • Placing Manual Food Order from Administrator Panel / Back End
  • order Food
  • Rent A Taxi
  • Service Provider Account Activation
  • Content Management of Application and website
  • Change Destination Location
  • Tip to Driver
  • Car Pool
  • Personal and Corporate Profile
  • Book Taxi Someone Else
  • Favorite Driver
  • Multiple Destination Stops
  • Membership Subscription
  • Notification and Sounds Management
  • Driver Destination Mode
  • Admin Groups Permissions
  • Airport Rides / Surcharges
  • Block fraud Users
  • Booking Services through Website
  • Cancellation and Waiting Charges
  • Book a Taxi through Hotel Panel on behalf of your Customer
  • Fix Fare from X to Y Locations
  • Uber Fly Clone / Air Flight On Demand
  • News Feed and Notifications
  • Promo code
  • Real-time Chat
  • Shop-Stop-Eat while Riding - HOLD/PAUSE your Ride While a Taxi / Moto Trip is ON
  • Tracking Taxi / Moto Trip Location by Family & Friends
  • Provider & Vehicle Verification