Lyft Mobile Apps and Website Clones

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Lyft Clone

Help customers find their perfect lift with Lyft clone

In order to run your business smoothly and successfully, we offer you with a package that consists of the following mobile apps and web panels.

  • A 100% responsive main website
  • Rider's iOS App, Android App and web panel
  • Drivers iOS App, Android App and web panel
  • Web Panel for the Company
  • An Admin Web Panel for managing payments, information of the passengers and drivers as well as the commission rates etc

With the increase in traffic leading to congestion and confusion, more and more people are opting for a ride in a taxi rather than combat the traffic and stress themselves with driving. We have therefore specifically designed the Lyft Cab Clone Website and the accompanying Apps for entrepreneurs to provide that perfect taxi service to their customers. When you buy the lyft Android and lyft iOS clone from us, you will be providing an ideal platform for your users to find a ride in the most convenient and easy way.

The Lyft Clone That Matches No Other

The cab sharing clone that we have designed is not simply a medium of helping people find a cab. It also makes sure that the riders get a safe and economy friendly ride, one that they can enjoy in comfort. Our clone has been designed such that customers can input their personal preferences like ladies only, or non smokers required. When you make that decision to buy the clone of lyft share mobile Apps from us, it will be the best decision made as this idea is not only a unique one but also would br your once in a lifetime opportunity to be the owner of a super unique site. A site so unique, it helps commuters travel at reduced rides whilst reducing the global carbon footprint. As the proud owner of this unique ride hailing app as well as business, you get the opportunity to make a fixed percentage commission on every ride that gets booked on your app.

The Most Amazing Features

Do not mistake our cab sharing website and Mobile Apps as just another run of the mill websites that the internet is flooded with. Our website has been designed such that it will forever change the way you run your business. It all begins with your outstanding webpage-people are more prone to use it. The flawless intuitive flow of the site ensures that there will be no problems for anyone using it. It already has a predefined market as the lyft clone is a clone of an already existing site, a site that people are already using. It therefore makes it all the more easy to find a customer base since they are all familiar with the lyft concept. Think of the ready market that will start earning you healthy commissions in no time! Since we are sure that your site will become popular in a very less time, we have designed it in a way that there is definite room for future expansion. In order to help increase your business quickly and effectively, our lyft clone comes with a multi language option whereby you can get the language customized to suit the place you want to launch your app. The multi currency option also works the same way. For those who want to use the services on the go we have the android and the iOS app for smart phone users.

Introduce the system that gives your customers the facility to request a ride from their smart phone from wherever they are. Active drivers in the vicinity will receive the notification about the rider's request and respond accordingly and provide the most comfortable ride to them.

Just order the lyft Mobile Apps clone and Web Site today, and we will provide you with the following apps and web panels:

  • The main website
  • IOS App for the Rider
  • Android App for the Rider
  • Web panel for the rider
  • IOS app for the Driver
  • Android App for the driver
  • Web panel for the driver
  • Web panel for company
  • An Admin Web Panel that will manage the full works - payments, rates, drivers, passengers, hot spot, and commission rates etc.

Lyft Clone site design template

Lyft Clone site design template
What Are You Waiting For?

If you are still unsure, it just might be an idea to take a site tour and find out for yourself. The look, the feel and the way the site interacts will definitely make you want to invest in the best and most profitable business venture ever.

For more details or to purchase the site, please Contact Us.

Full Screen Modern Design Templates
lyft clone main layout
Color: Amaranth
Lift Clone Site Template 1
Color: Sky Blue
Template 2
Color: Purple
Template 3
Color: Orange
Template 4
Color: Light Sea Green
Template 5
Color: Light Green
Template 6
Color: Medium Slate Blue


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