Overview Of The

Car Rental Website Script And Mobile Apps

This is your one stop destination to start your own online car rental business if you are nascent, are a hard core entrepreneur or someone who wishes to get their income subsidized. Remember, this shall surely get you huge cash in just a matter of 3 DAYS! Simply create your own website and car rental mobile app and see yourself earning in 72 hours. Invest in this once in a lifetime opportunity and get ready to drive your business in fast gear!

Car Rental Website Script And Mobile Apps

Overview Of Our Product

This concept was conceived when realization dawned that people had spare cars parked in their garages or driveways or companies had fleets of cars that were just idle and could be put to good use and help generate an income at the same time. In other words, a win-win situation for all! Car owners list their spare cars on the website, giving full details of the car i.e. size, model, colour, etc and those looking to rent a car can log onto the site and book a car of their preference. The car owner will benefit from the rental income he/she received for renting his car and the client gets to ride in a car he/she likes on a low budget allowing the owner of the site to earn commissions for facilitating the booking.



The unique features of our car rental website and apps are fully comprehensive and easy to understand. Check out how these features make our app the best in the business. The features can be moulded to your specifications such that your script is the best in the business.

Mobile App Visuals

Mobile Apps Visuals

Get a feel of how smoothly and efficiently the whole system including the mobile apps work. Download the app and check out the live demo and how it works in real time. All events, from the first tap to the last tap are there for you to see in real time in the live demo.



We have a wide option of templates for you to choose from based on what suits the best for your business! The impression created by our templates matches no other site so take a look through each of them and get a feel of how your site would look before you make your final decision!

Check Out The Working Demo

Download our app on your mobile and check out the live demo of our website demo to get a feel of how the site and the app works and make an informed decision while buying the app. Click on the different menu options and see how the whole site works right from the front end till the back end. Get your car listed and look for a ride to get a feel of how the whole package comes together. Also take a look into the heart of your system, the admin panel to control and monitor everything, including the cars, the tenants as well as the payments.

view demo
check out the working demo
The Cycle Of Events

How The Car Rental Trio System Works

Three parties are involved in this cycle - the tenant, the car owner and the owner of the website.

  • THE ROLE OF THE CAR OWNER - The car owner will list the details of the car that he/she wants to rent. This includes availability, rental charge, whether it is on an hourly or daily basis, pick up point, return point, and other similar details along with a clear picture of the vehicle.
  • TENANT/CAR RENTER - He/she will post his/her details like pick up date, time and how long he/she wants it for + return date.
  • THE SITE ADMINISTRATOR/WEBSITE OWNER - He/she is in command of the whole system and manages everything including the tenants, car owners and finances. For every car rented through his/her site, he/she stands to make a commission.
  • As soon as the tenant requests the booking, the rent amount for the car will be blocked from his/her credit/debit card, and will be deducted automatically once the car owner confirms the booking.
The Exclusivity Of Our Script
A Script That Is Unique Through And Through
  • Our car rental script is the best in the market with its unique set of features that match no other script in the market
  • A fully dynamic, 100% responsive site that will show up well on all iPads, iPhones, Androids, tablets, PC browsers and other smart phones.
  • A 100% support is provided by us, right from the time you make that initial enquiry until the time your site is fully operational
  • Your site will be launched in 2-3 days
  • Launch, configuration and installation on your site, web server and mobile app stores is free.
  • A lifetime license of one domain
  • Make money the quick and easy way , by earning a nice commission from every car rented through your site/app
  • Minor changes and modifications for texts and banner images will be done free for the first week.
  • For the first year, support for minor bugs is free
  • One local language option as well as one currency option will be added free of charge on the system
  • As the code is 100% scalable, you will be able to make changes and customize it to meet your business requirements. The hourly rate for customization is minimal.
  • Our website can be used by car rental company owners as well as normal car owners to list and rent their vehicles.
  • We provide a unique license ensuring that your codes are made secure from theft and plagiarism.
  • Our branding will be removed from your apps and website and they will have your brand.

Key Characteristics Of Our Ios And Android Apps And Website

  • We can launch the site for you from anywhere in the world and we can change the language and currency of the site to your specifications. Do you want to launch the site in Spain? We will change the language to Spanish and the currency to euro.
  • The geo location feature ensures that your site can be accessed from any part the world.
  • Payments can be made by Paypal or by debit and credit cards. Two payment modes are used by the system - cash and credit. Cash payment is done directly by the tenant to the car owner whilst the credit payment is done automatically when the car rental booking is confirmed.

Check Out Your Potential Investment

Check out the free demo before buying the app. If you have any queries, re can resolve them for you so that when you buy the app, you know exactly what is will be doing. The info graphics will show you the systematic explanation of how the whole system works.

Why You Should Buy Your Product From Us
  • Without actually investing in any vehicles, our car rental script is your ideal solution for you to wheel and deal in renting out vehicles.
  • Our script can be used to design your own website and start earning immediately.
  • A painless, stress free and easy way to earn money by doing nothing - just the minimal investment in the app
  • Earn anytime, day or night, anywhere in the world
  • Facilitates the connection of right cars to the right travelers while making a bob or two
  • Just contact us and get your own car rental script. We will do the rest.
That Ideal Business For That Ideal Script

If you want further details about this product or any of our other products

  • Call our sales support number in UK, USA or India
  • Complete our enquiry form
  • Start a chat with us through the "Enquire Now" Form.

Don't miss out on this perfect business opportunity. Just call us and take that first step to becoming the smart owner of a smart business.


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